13Fezzan and its Civilization Centers throughout History – Abubakr Alhaderi

Abdelkader Elfitouri says:

‘Fezzan and its Civilization Centers throughout History, is a book written by Shaykh Abubakr Othman Alqadi Alhaderi, from the city of Sebha, who was born in his hometown Aljadeed in 1923. Through his work, the author sought to record milestones of Fezzan’s history, using oral narrative, remembering events he had lived personally. Via the sources and references that studied the history of Fezzan, the research delves into extensive epochs that reigned over the area, such as the Garmentes, the Islamic conquest, through to the dynasty of Oulad Mohamed (1550 – 1819), and on to the European (Italian and French) colonial period. He also studies trade centers in Fezzan, the cultural and social frameworks and notable figures from Fezzan.

14Forts on the Sand – Bronisław Vigaiski

The author was a young polish writer and traveler at the same time. He decided, by a recommendation from his friends to spend his vacation in Libya, an Italian colony at the time. Driven by his desire to learn about the East, he enthusiastically came to Libya in 1934, and wandered through many areas on the west, south and east of the country, accompanied by Italians at times, and at others by local Libyans. He recorded his journeys filled with insights, anecdotes, and significant historical events in that sensitive colonial period of Libya’s history. His book also included in its last chapters a summary of Libya’s history, especially that particular era, with many statistics and important and rare figures about the locals, the social life, and the economy. Upon his return to Europe, it was not long before World War II would claim his life in 1940 in the Katyn massacre.

55The Garamantes of Southern Libya – Charles Daniels

Charles Daniels is a British Archeologist who visited Libya and spent a long time in Wadi Al-ajal, Germa and other areas of the Libyan south to study the ruins of the Garmantes in Libya. He produced his concise and comprehensive book which studied the civilization of the Garamantes in terms of geography, history, customs, cultures, wars and all that he could reach about them.

This Charles Daniel’s book is considered one of the most important references on the history of the Garamantes who founded an ancient civilization at the heart of the Libyan Sahara, and one of the most significant attempts in uncovering their secrets. Their history still lacks study and research.

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