Fezzan and its Civilization Centers throughout History – Abubakr Alhaderi Abdelkader Elfitouri says: ‘Fezzan and its Civilization Centers throughout History, is a book written by Shaykh Abubakr Othman Alqadi Alhaderi, from the city of Sebha, who was born in his hometown Aljadeed in 1923. Through his work, the author sought to record milestones of Fezzan’s […]


Fighting Cats


Running from the Red Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, the Sahara is by far the world’s largest hot desert. It covers over 3,500,000 square miles (9,000,000 sq. km), a tenth of the whole African Continent. Yet we know it was not always so. Archaeological and geological research has shown that the Sahara has undergone major […]


St George: The Dragon Slayer


A painting by famous Italian painter Raffaello Sanzio depicting St George fighting the dragon On the 23rd of April every year, the UK and several European countries celebrate St George’s Day, the dragonslayer. Churches remain open and packed with visitors. Candles and hymns inside churches and abbeys, and celebrations outside it. Many cultural institutions commemorate […]


The Libyan Sibyl: Michelangelo’s masterpiece


In 1508, charged by Pope Julius II, the world-famous painter Michelangelo, whom would later be considered one of the greatest and most renowned painters and sculptors in all history, began the magnificent work of adorning the Sistine Chapel ceiling in the Vatican. Day after day, month after month and year after year, Michaelangelo spent four […]